There are several different inflatables and challenges to choose from in one of Utah’s funnest bounce zones.  Giant slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls, king of the hill, tunnels, the wrecking ball, a toddler only inflatable and Daredevil Island...the first ever stunt jump into an inflatable foam pit OR for the ‘not so brave’ you can exit down the chicken slide.  Don’t be a chicken...just jump!  :)

Toddler City (For Toddlers Only)
Toddler City Slide
Toddler City (BIG fun for little kids)
Maze Runner - Challenge Accepted!
Maze Runner Final Ascent
Maze Runner - The Squeeze!
THE Fortress! (BIG fun!)
The Fortress Straight Climb Up
The Fortress Curved Climb Up
The Bounce Zone (Overview)
Classic Fun Center
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball (Close-up view)
Daredevil Island...Jump IF you dare!
Daredevil Island (Chicken Slide)