The Jungle

the jungle

Over two stories of climbing fun awaits you in The Jungle!  Wild with
excitement, it features:

giant slides, a zip line, rope swings, a bridge
over the skating track, balance beams, a ball pit, bungee bouncers,
a toddler area plus lots of different ways to climb around just for fun!

9151 S 255 W 

Sandy Utah

Super Slippery Banana Slide
Bungee Bouncing!
Challenge Path
Crocodile Ball Pit
The Jungle Hut
Jungle Entrance
Top of the Jungle
Jungle Overview - West of Skate Track
Just for the 'Health' of it!
Magic Carpet
Monkey Crossing
Toddler Only Area...Rain Forest
Toddler Only - Snake Pit
Inside Snake Bridge
Classic Fun Center