V.I.P. Room

Spongebob Room


Our "Very Important Party" room.  Relax in luxury in this sophisticated, yet FUN, party room.  Amenities include a hidden TV that appears at the touch of a button with sound bar and Utube controls to play all your favorite music videos, two fish tanks with real glowing fish, private fridge stocked with 16 water bottles and 2 bottles of fancy sparkling cider, cool lasers and disco lights, low lying fog machine, elegant decor and lots of seating plus a retro arcade table with over 100 fun games to play for FREE.      
     You and all your guests will get the royal treatment in this room and will feel like celebrities living it up in our newest exquisite VIP party room.

Hidden TV
Luxury Seating
Lots of seating
Private arcade game!
V.I.P. Room Entrance
Low Lying Fog Machine
2 Fish Tanks!
V.I.P. Room
2 Party Tables